Key Benefits

Lift weights of 6000 kilos at 4 metres length (maximum reach is 24 metres)

4x6 drive wheel configuration so ideal for certain off road terrain

All the Hiabs in the fleet have loading bed options of short leg (3.6x2.5 metres) or 13.6 metre flatbed trailers

All Terrain Tracked Hiab, this is a go-anywhere vehicles. Its Dims are 6.2 long x 2.5 wide x 3.45 high

All the Hiabs are controlled remotely which vastly increases the operators handling of the crane

One Hiab with a Flyjib, 31 metre reach

The F66- is a crane that has a reach of 23.5 metres

We have two cranes of the F330 spec, the first has two manual extensions which gives it a total reach of 21.75 metres

The second has a reach of 16.75 metres

The F130 is on the ATV tracked vehicle and has a maximum reach of 10.5 metres

ATV height is 3.5 metres

The Cormach has a reach of 16.5 metres

PM 850 Hiab with or without the Flyjib

Track loading is Un-laden = 0.17 kilos per cm2, Laden = 0.28 kilos per cm2